Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Farewell Club Penguin

'Ello there!
You probably know who I am if you are reading this, so let's get right into the point...

     So, as 'most everyone knows at this point, Club Penguin is shutting down. And even through I am not a Club Penguin fanatic anymore, it was still a huge part of my younger childhood. So, I am making this post to say goodbye to Club Penguin as we know it.

I am going to be going over my favorite moments, my favorite parties, the friends I have made through CP, etc., but first I want to mention that my penguin is almost 3000 DAYS OLD!?
That is just insane.
But moving on, for one of my favorite/most exiting moments was when I met Spike Hike and Billybob!
As for my favorite parties, I am going to have to go for either the Christmas/Holiday parties, or the Puffle Parties. I like the Christmas/Holiday parties for the music and the general vibe it gives, and I like the Puffle Parties because of the transformations!

The friends I have met through Club Penguin are numerous, but I will try to list most of them...
So, we got Song05, JordyP1, Woddylan, Ocean6100 (My brother, but I have to include 'em), Bobby123ab, Amy123ab, Perapin, Tech70, Artantic, Bubsey Good, Stan1ley, Apj26, C0mputerguy, G Billy One, Je45rry, Kween Kat, Ninjakrom, Pamukyoti, Sniffybear2, and many others. As for Sniffy, I actually met the guy while writing this!

     Well, that's really all I got. I just wanted to make this post to properly say "Bye" to Club Penguin.

So, one last time (probably)...

               This is Mountain717 signing off,
Waddle on!

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